How to receive support from Modern Visual

Please identify the type of request you have below so we can serve you as efficiently as possible.

New Clients

We recommend brand new clients contact our sales department. They can be contacted via phone on (03) 9786 0938, email via or live chat on our website during business hours.

Existing Clients

Clients on Our Care Package - Clients on our care package have access to a dedicated account manager and priority support for everything covered on this page. Please contact your account manager on their direct number or contact them via email. If you cannot remember their details, the best thing you can do is submit a ticket.

Clients that need to make a warranty request for work we have performed  -
Sometimes in the complex world that is digital, things can go wrong with work we have completed. All of our work is covered for bugs and defects due to our error for a 3 month period from completion of the work. Please submit a ticket and our special warranty team can promptly address any issues you are having.

Clients that want to upgrade/update their website or other projects we've completed -
Modern Visual understands that future upgrades are crucial as your clients needs and your business evolves. We have a special team in place, separate to our project team that can perform small upgrades for you at an hourly or quoted rate. If your project is large enough, our team will escalate your project to a dedicated account manager for the project. For any upgrades, maintenance or small requests, please submit a ticket.

Clients that need support for a hosting product such as web hosting, domain names or SSL certificates, provided by Up There Cloud  -
Clients that engage our sister company, Up There Cloud may need support from time to time. Hosting support can be utilised by submitting a ticket. The Up There team can then assist you as required.
Clients that have billing enquiries  -
If you have any queries in regards to a bill you have received or a renewal, please respond to the bill via email, submit a ticket or talk to your account manage if you are on our care package.