Why the Modern Visual Care Package takes the stress out of owning a website.

In this article we discuss why you should take advantage of the Modern Visual Care Package and the risks of not having the features it provides in place.

Most websites these days are built using a CMS (Content Management System). The CMS is a no brainer for most businesses as it allows the site to easily transform to suit most screen sizes and devices but also allows easy addition of content and future proofs the site with the ability to add functionality over time at a fraction of the cost of a completely custom non CMS based site.

The maintenance that is required after launch of the site is minimal but absolutely crucial to ensure the website stays healthy and doesn’t crash or break unexpectedly. Our MV Care Package takes care of the majority of this work for you ensuring you won’t need to panic when things go wrong at the worst possible time.


Which Website Software Components Require Regular Updates 

A Wordpress based website is made up of a number of components. The main items that require regular updates are:

  • Wordpress Software: The main engine that your website runs. It is the glue that holds everything together from functions right through to the design
  • Wordpress Plug-ins: Plug-ins add all the functionality to your website. From contact forms to image galleries through to social media feeds or SEO functionality.
  • Wordpress Theme: Your website will use a theme or framework system to display the visual part of your website. Whether your website is a template or custom UX design, your site will always need a theme installed.


How Often Does My Website Software Need to Be Updated?

Your website software is recommended to be updated daily. The reason for this is that sometimes the creators of the plugins, themes or even Wordpress themselves will discover a serious security hole in their software and release an immediate patch to remedy the hold. Hackers can very quickly scan the internet and take advantage of websites that have flaws in them for their own gain.


What Can Happen to a Website That Doesn’t Get Checked For Updates Daily?

  •  Your website could be redirected to porn or casino websites, used to mind bitcoin or even worse could be manipulated to take advantage of your businesses existing or new clients financially or in other ways.
  • Incompatibility issues between software components can arise causing your website to break visually or functionality would cease to work as expected such as enquiry forms.
  • Your website can be hacked causing your site to be deleted or even passwords compromised (do you use the same passwords for a few things online?).
  • Your website could simply cease to function by displaying an error message or blank white screen.


How To Perform Your Own Website Maintenance On a Daily Basis

  1. Login to the back end of your website using your website username and password.
  2. Check visually for an orange indicator with a number inside it on the left hand side of your admin dashboard. This will indicate whether updates are available for your website (this is usually always orange as updates typically roll out daily).
  3. Click on the updates section of your admin panel and a list of available updates will be displayed. Click the update button and your website software will begin to update
    *Caution: Ensure that new plugins are compatible with one another. A safer way to do this is to tick each plugin individually and update one at a time. It is then easier to determine which plugin caused an incompatibility so you can restore a backup or fix the problem on the spot.
  4. Your website is now up to date. Please ensure you perform these updates daily to prevent your website from running into issues. You can enable Wordpress auto updates in the wp-config file but this isn’t recommended as your site could likely break without you knowing it and a customer will probably spot your site before you do.


The Benefits of Purchasing a Modern Visual Care Package Subscription

  • Automatic Smart Updates: Specialised software will update your website on your behalf focusing on the most important updates. This software uses AI to compare before and after images of your pages to minimise breakage of your site when the updates are automatically performed.
  • Priority Support: Modern Visual clients on our Care Package will receive priority support if an issue is ever to occur on your website. Best of all, Care Package clients will not be charged to investigate any issues either. Non Care Package clients will be placed into our regular support cue which may mean we can’t look at your website issue the same day (dependent on work load). Non Care Package clients out of warranty will also be required to pay our standard hourly rate for Modern Visual to investigate the issue with your website.
  • More Regular Backups: Our premium hosting services include daily backups to ensure your website always has a copy available. Our Care Package clients can be setup so that their website is backed up hourly. This can be convenient if you made an error making any changes to your website and needed to restore a recent version.
  • Regular Reporting Sent to Your Inbox: Care Package clients will receive automated reports from our system on a weekly or monthly basis showcasing beneficial items such as: website overall health, regular speed tests, google keyword rankings, plugin snapshots, security checks and much more. Sometimes we forget we even have a website so the report is the friendly touch point to ensure you are in touch with the face of your business that no doubt receives hundreds or thousands of visits a month from eager shoppers.

At the end of the day your website, once completed is your responsibility. Whether you pay hosting, domain or other license fees these fees do not cover the cost of maintenance or repairing your website. Just like a car, once out of warranty if something breaks you are required to have these items rectified at your expense. In the long run, a website is a vital asset to your business and regular maintenance will ensure your website is happy and healthy and serves you well for years to come.

To learn more about our care package or to ensure you have website peace of mind, Contact Us.