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The G Suite Email Setup & Migration Process

This article will explain the G Suite email service process for setup & migration of old emails.

1. Booking in the setup of your new Gmail account

Modern Visual will need to book in your G Suite account setup. If you have requested your old emails to be migrated to G Suite from an existing email service provider (such as Modern Visual), the setup will be booked in likely for a Friday night. If you are starting from scratch without the need to transfer any emails to G Suite, we will book your setup in for a random time during the week.

2. Prepare for migration to the new email service

On the day of your migration booking, you want to ensure that you and your team are prepared for the switch to the service. Typically the entire migration would be completed by the following Monday but this can take longer depending on how many emails need to be migrated and who your existing provider is. You and your staff should ensure all emails are read and you are ready to say goodbye to your old email service. Your Modern Visual account manager should be up to speed already on how you access your email currently through your existing provider.

3. The setup & migration process

Modern Visual will setup the new g suite account and flick the switch so that your current email addresses will now start to flow email through to G suite instead of your existing provider. Emails will now migrate from your old provider to G suite over the weekend. If applicable, your calendar items and contacts can also be migrated across to G suite.

4. Accessing your new email service

With migration commencing on Friday, you will be able to access your new email service by Saturday morning (if the setup and migration commencement was successful). The Modern Visual staff member performing the work can SMS you the new email login details and you can access your emails via https://www.gmail.com. These same login details can be used to access your new email service through your phone, Outlook, Mac mail and other popular email programs. Modern Visual can provide very basic support in relation to your G suite service but your IT provider will need to assist you further if any work is required on your computer or operating system.

5. Support for your new G suite service

Once you are up and running on your new G Suite email service, the best place to receive support is from the G suite team and not from Modern Visual. The main Administrator account can login to the G Suite Admin panel here: https://gsuite.google.com/intl/en_au/products/admin/

Once inside, press the question mark up the top right of the portal and you can get in touch via phone, email or live chat for your query.